Beach Crutches, Sand Pad
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Beach Crutches, Sand Pad
Beach Crutches, Sand Pad


Q: Is the SandPad™ only for use by amputees?

A: Not at all! The SandPad™ can be used by anyone permanently or temporarily using an assistive device. If you are an athlete on crutches with a sprain or a senior using a cane or walker, the SandPad™ will give you the same support to navigate a beach or shoreline as it does amputees.

Q: Can the SandPad™ be used by children?

A: The 6" inch diameter SandPad™ is designed for children's use as well as canes and walkers.

Q: How do you attach the SandPad™?

A: Remove your existing crutch tips, and after applying some vaseline or soapy water to the end of your crutch stems, simply slide the SandPads™ on and you're ready for the beach!

Q: Can the SandPad™ be used on other surfaces like ice or snow?

A: The SandPadô is intended only for use on sand, rocky terrain, packed snow and flat, dry surfaces. Use of the SandPadô on slippery wet surfaces or ice is hazardous and the manufacturer assumes no liability for product misuse on these types of planes.

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Beach Crutches, Sand Pad