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Beach Crutches, Sand Pad


Engineered in flexible 70 shore hardness rubber, the SandPad™ provides a wider base of stability than normal crutch, cane or walker tips.The 6” inch SandPad features a 3" inch flat bottom that also offers parallel usage free standing canes and crutches on flat surfaces. Beveled triangular drainage vents reduce the product weight and consistently prevent sand and water from settling on the top providing smoother, uninterrupted movement. The 8" inch version of the SandPad™ has arounded bottoms and is meant for the beach, lawns and snow.


The SandPad™ is a universally adaptable product, designed for standard sized crutches and canes measuring 1" inch diameter and less. For canes less than 1” inch diameter, please wrap the pre-sized tape insert included with your order around the end of your cane to increase diameter before attaching your SandPad™.

The 6" inch diameter versions of the SandPad™ is recommended for users up to 300 lbs in weight. The 8" inch diameter SandPad™ is for users over 300 lbs.

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All SandPads™ come with a 2 year warranty.

(U.S. Patent Number 8,678,021)